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                                                 Students of English Speaking Club (School year 2011-2012)

“I love those days when all my students were always dynamic and creative students in the English Club. We had so much fun and we shared everything together.

I love these pieces of writing that my students wrote with their natural thoughts, with excitement and enthusiasm.

I miss all of you! Love you so much, guys!”

                                                                                                            Miss Anh Tram

Topic :The most beautiful smile (I have ever seen)

The most beautiful smile that I think I wanna see is the kind of a smile that could melt my and every living creature’s heart into pieces. It would be the smile that could make my brain automatically shape a big smile on my face in return to that pretty smile. It should be a magical moment when I ever get to see that God-sent beautiful smile: there would be fireworks blowing in my mind and sparks would fly instantly. Maybe in an addictive way, that shining smile would be something which might haunt me from day to night and make me so obsessed to it that I couldn’t concentrate to do anything. Well, that most beautiful smile might be so annoying like that but once I get the chance to even peek at it, my life would be whole- fully fulfilled. J

You may be thinking that I’m exaggerating the miracle of a beautiful smile but believe me, if you ever dream of seeing such a smile, my “description” above can become some experiences which would be really worth a try. J Unfortunately, as I’m still struggling finding the missing pieces in my life, I -still- have never seen my standardized- smile that I have described above. But at the same time, it’s fortunate for me to have so many chances to see my family’s and friends’ and everyone’s faithful smiles, which for now are the smiles that I should adore and appreciate most. J

Vu Hong Ngan 11A2

The most beautiful smile I ever saw is from an abandoned girl who I saw in an orphanage. At that time, she just was 6 years old and she looked so lovely. But she was abandoned, her mother left her in front of the door of the orphanage when she was 1 year old. However, she was taken care of by all the people there and she had friends so she always smiles brightly.

Her smile makes me believe that although we have many troubles in our life but if we try hard the good thing will come to us.

I saw her when she was playing rope with her friends, she laughed brightly and lovely. I went towards them and gave them presents. I thought I was dying because her smile. Then we had a talk, she said she was abandoned but she never gave up, she always tried hard to have loves from other people. Finally I encouraged her to study hard.

Although maybe I won't have a change to see her again, I'll never forget her smile forever. :)

Tran Gia Hoang Kim 10A2

Topic: There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says….

 There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says:  ‘Hey! Bill tell me what you see in in the sky’. Bill reply: cloud, sun, some birds’. ‘’what else ?’’ Tony asks, Bill doesn’t know what Tony means, he tries to look for everything, finally, He has found the thing that Tommy wants him to see. A jet fighter. Tony says he wants to become a pilot and work for the army. Joe are reading comic next to Tony and when he hears a story he loughs out louds that make Tony very shy and says “What’s funny?”. But Joe is still laughing, Bill seems to know the problems, he points to Tony’s Glasses and says “You can’t never fly with these”. Tony feels so disappoint, in his life he has every feel lost and sad in this time, his dream has broken by the words Bill says. Joe stops laughing now, He encourages Tony that isn’t the biggest problem, and he says with this technology they can cure almost everything. Tony cheer up when he hear Joe, but first of them he realizes he has the best friend who always stays with him and gives him good advice, encouragement. After then, then sun goes down and stars come up. They go home and have a memorable experience .

TrungAnh 11A4


Topic: I have wondered many times why he/she left me without a word….

I have wondered many times why she left me without a word. Actually, she had already said something but I didn’t want to listen to any of them. It was the hardest time for me – hard to accept the reality that she’s gone. I thought about her every single day, cried whenever her images came to my mind. Seeming like all of them weren’t that terrible, I had to see her face at school while she was laughing with her new best friend. I was like: “God! Should I kill myself now? That’s enough for me!”

On her birthday, I wrote her a letter. At first, I’d just wanted to say “Happy birthday” and then… I started to burst into tears. Finally, I tore the letter and made a new one. I wrote it with the different purposes – asking her the reason and a chance to be friends again. And, foolishly,I told her I loved her.

After she had read my letter, something happened. I found out that we can’t be back together. Because when she smiles to me, I feel my heart broken – I know what I don’t wanna know…..

Tao Ngoc Mai 11A2

Topic: Write about one (or both) of your parents. Start with “I was born…”

I was born on a lovely day. At that time, my mother and my father were very happy. My mother cried when she first saw me. My mom is the person I love the most. Her face looks nice. She has short black hair. She is a business woman but she always cares for the family. Every time I am sick, she sits beside me. When I study badly, she gets angry but she only talks smoothly to me and advises me to study harder. …

KhuuMocKha 11A2

I was born in Quang Nam. At that time, my parents were very happy. Today, I will tell you about my mom. My mom is 37 years old. She is a business woman. She loves me very much. She works hard to bring me up. She cares for my studying a lot. My mom always wants me to study well so… Sometimes, she is angry with me because I don’t listen to her. She can buy anything I want. I promise I will try to study hard to make my mom happy.

I love my mom very very much!

DieuHuyen 11A2

Topic There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper….

One morning, I went to the park to do exercises, I suddenly saw that there was a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper and he was looking at me. That guy looked handsome, he was wearing a hoddie. At first,I didn’t notice him much but he still stared at me. I felt so embarrassed and went away. That guy followed me, I got angry and turned around. I asked him why he followed me. He said nothing and just smiled. I was really surprised that he was my brother – the brother long time no see since he moved to another country. He and I then took a sit and talked all that morning!

                                                                                                            NhuQuynh 11A2

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